lilaakác ráday

Lilaakác RÁDAY

1093 Bp. Ráday u. 23.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 11:00 – 20:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00

tel.: +3670 424 2473

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Lilaakác Ráday

I am Alexandra Tőke, a cosmetician. I finished the cosmetician school 7 years ago. Since then, i earned a lot experience in waxing, and about the communication with people aswell. I am doing my job with love and passion. I love communicate with people, I can find the common voice with everyobody, so i can treat all my guests confidentally. If you would like an enjoyable stay in this breathtaking salon, while you are getting more beautiful, i look forward to seeing you.

Alexandra Tőke


My name is Alexandra Kovács. I have been working as a beautician for three years. I spent one year in a wax salon during which I gained a lot of experience. I have always wanted to be a beautician, and I do my job with love and accuracy. I prefer to work with sugar wax. I am always cheerful and nice so if you have a bad day and visit me you will feel better and pleased when you leave.

Alexandra Kovács


Women's price list - Ráday

Eyebrow with Tweeze1400,-
Eyebrow with Tweeze + eyebrow painting1400,- + 1800,-
Eyebrow Wax + Tweeze1900,-2100,-
Eyebrow Wax + Tweeze+ Eyebrow painting1900,- + 1800,-2100,- + 1800,-
Upper Lip Wax1200,-1500,-
Face, Chin, Ear, Nose, Jawline and Nipple Wax1200,-1500,-
Armpit Wax1800,-2300,-
Upperarm wax1800,-2900,-
Forearm wax1800,-2900,-
Full Arm wax3100,-4300,-
Belly and belly line wax1800,- /1200,-2100,- / 1500,-
Back wax2900,-3300,-
Waist wax1800,.2300,-
Bikini Line with Panties on1900,-2300,-
Thicker Bikini Line Wax with Panties on2500,-3100,-
Complete intimate wax5200,-6300,-
Partial buttock wax1500,-2000,-
Inner side of buttock1500,-2000,-
Upper Leg and Partial Upper Leg Wax2900,- / 1900,-3490,- / 2400,-
Bottom Leg Wax2900,-4100,-
Full Leg Wax4900,-6500,-

Men's price list - Ráday

Eyebrow with Tweeze1400,-
Eyebrow wax + Tweeze1900,-2300,-
Chest Wax4500,-5700,-
Belly Wax2900,-4500,-
Armpit Wax2400.-2900,-
Back Wax5400,-6600,-
Full Arm Wax3900,-4900,-
Upperarm Wax2700,-3900,-
Complete intimate wax14500,- cukor+patronos
Inner side of buttock2400,2900.-
Upper Leg Wax4200,-5200,-
Full Leg Wax6200,-7800,-
Bottom Leg Wax3600,-4900,-
Ear and Nose Wax1400,-
Shoulder and Back of Neck Wax2100,-2500,-

Lilaakác Gazdagrét

1118. Budapest, Kaptárkő u. 5.

Opening hours:
Monday: closed
Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 – 20:00
Saturday – Sunday: closed

phone: +3670 327 8723

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1077. Bp. Wesselényi u. 2.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 11:00 – 20:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00

phone.: +3670 620 2504


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